Episode 2: The Importance of Setting Goals

This is the 2nd episode of Adulting IRL with Jerlyn. This time I’m talking about the Importance of Setting Goals. Setting long and short-term goals helps fuel your ambition, holds you accountable and makes the impossible possible. We mention the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Bound) ways of goal-setting and how it applies to me signing up for my first half-ironman triathlon. I learned some goal setting from mindtools.com and codeofliving.com. I’m still figuring out this podcasting thing so bear with me as I ensure that I’m getting sound and producing right.

Download the 52 Week Challenge here.

Also, Adulting IRL is proud to mention Tiux.co who sponsors Jerlyn. Tiux (pronounced tē-oo) is a Yao word that means “to run, jump.” Tiux is founded in Vancouver, Canada, and creates premium compression socks to help athletes perform their best, reduce muscle fatigue and recover faster. Go to http://shop.tiux.co/discount/JERLYN for a discount!

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