Episode 3: Interview with my friend Chris from Germany!

This is the 3rd episode of Adulting IRL with Jerlyn. I’m interviewing my friend Chris from Germany. He talks about his super cool job as an Economist/Professor/Researcher, his country’s perspective on the US, his travels and what he would tell his 14-year-old self. I want to thank Chris for helping me figure out podcasting as I go. I learned how to set up the Skype Call with Soundflower and recording a channel into GarageBand. I also had a separate channel for my microphone. I’m using a Blue Yeti.

Also, Adulting IRL is proud to mention Tiux.co who sponsors Jerlyn. Tiux (pronounced tē-oo) is a Yao word that means “to run, jump.” Tiux is founded in Vancouver, Canada, and creates premium compression socks to help athletes perform their best, reduce muscle fatigue and recover faster. Go to http://shop.tiux.co/discount/JERLYN for a discount!

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