Episode 4: C2NextGen Conference

This is the 4th episode of Adulting IRL with Jerlyn.

I just attended the #C2NextGen Conference in NYC held by ColorComm and I’m excited to have gone. I’m just catching up briefly about what has happened in the past weeks including my first HR experience, taking a video course with Adobe about PremiereCC and considering whether I should use Audition CC for my podcast edits. At C2NextGen we had speakers like Michelle Lee. Michelle Lee is Editor in Chief on Allure. We also heard from Gayle King. Both insisted that women of color be visible. Once again, discussed the importance of Self-Care.

Also, Adulting IRL is proud to mention Tiux.co who sponsors Jerlyn. Tiux (pronounced tē-oo) is a Yao word that means “to run, jump.” Tiux is founded in Vancouver, Canada, and creates premium compression socks to help athletes perform their best, reduce muscle fatigue and recover faster. Go to shop.tiux.co/discount/JERLYN for a discount!

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